There is a big difference between cleaning yourself and having a company performing a detailed and systematic janitorial service for you.   


We would love to share a few tips on how to clean like a pro.

Consider the following:  

Use the right product.

To do an advanced cleaning you should use the right product for each area. For example, not all the floors are the same, you need to use a floor cleaner that is safe on wood and tile if that’s the case. If you have carpet, a proper vacuum would be is suggested to care of it.

Use the right tools.

Use good quality microfiber cleaning cloths, a detail scrub brush, a plastic scraper, a microfiber "feather" duster and a microfiber mop for bathrooms and for kitchen separately. Keeping a grout brush can help you get the toughest grime out of the tightest corners -- and make cleaning vents simple.


Follow a System.
Having a system is the key to do an effective cleaning. First start at one point in a room and then circle around the room following a pattern. This method will keep you focused on one task, so you don't get distracted and tackle another area before the first area is complete. Scour each room top to bottom, so you're catching dust as it falls.



Always follow the method top to bottom. On picture frames use the Horizontal dusting, high points first and then low points second.   


Dust Electronics.

When you can write "clean me" on flat-screen TV or computer monitor? If so, it's time to dust those electronics, never spray liquid directly on an LED, LCD or plasma screen - it could damage it, use a dry microfiber cloth and gently wipe the screen. If necessary, dampen the cloth with an equal ratio of distilled white vinegar.


Get a Fresh Scent.

You don’t want your office or home smelling like a laboratory. Most cleaning products have harsh chemical odors. Use a few drops of essential oils like lavender, grapefruit and lemon on all your fiber cloths and mops.


Eliminate Odors.

To remove odors, consider using a spray bottle filled with white vinegar, cover the vinegar-soaked area with baking soda and allow to-dry. Next, sweep and vacuum up the excess soda. There will be a strong odor with this method, as the mixture actually pulls the odor out.


Vacuum Efficiently.

It is essential to use an industrial brand vacuum with fresh scents pads inside the bag to create a pleasant smell while vacuuming in patterns.



Vacuum Grout Tiles.

If you have tile floors, don't start scrubbing just yet. You should vacuum or sweep your tile floor to remove all loose dirt and debris before washing it with a cleaning solution.


Get Low.
When you think you're done cleaning a room, get down to eye level and examining your office or home from a new angle by getting close to your surfaces, you can see if you still have any crumbs or dust that needs to be cleaned up.


Is never a good cleaning when odors from the environment are not eliminated. Neutralize bad odor and fragrance your office or home.

Tips from our Operation Director at EBS Janitorial Group.

Do it right Standard. 

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